Improving Your Quality of Life

Improving your quality of life can improve your happiness, and it doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money to do it.  A good part of happiness results from taking control of your life, regardless of outside influences.  As Henry David Thoreau taught us in Civil Disobedience, a man can be in control of his own life even while being jailed.  How much more should we who are not imprisoned be in charge of our own lives?


Sleep is required for both physical and mental health.  Lack of sleep makes it difficult for us to concentrate and it makes it easy for us to be irritable.

Sleep quality can be improved with inexpensive ear plugs and eye covers, with heavy blankets placed over windows to block light and noise, by moving eating times further away from sleeping times, by reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, and sometimes simply with discipline.


Diet can be very important to happiness, because some foods can actually make us unhappy.  Foods which contain carbohydrates — both sugars and starches — cause our blood glucose levels to rise.  This causes our bodies to produce insulin.  In many people, insulin overproduction causes serious physical and emotional damage.

If you find yourself feeling tired about an hour after eating sweets, see your doctor for a blood glucose test and consider a low-carb diet such at Atkins or the Carnivore Diet.


Carrying around extra weight makes it difficult to live an active lifestyle.  It makes every activity more tiring, which means that you get less out of every day of your life.

Obesity can also cause blood sugar problems, which in turn will cause unhappiness.  In addition, being overweight can also cause sleep apnea, which leads to poor sleep effectiveness and further unhappiness.


Strenuous exercise causes our bodies to release naturally occurring chemicals which cause a feeling of happiness that lasts after the exercise period is over.  Exercise also raises the bodies metabolism, which increases the amount of energy available during the day.  People with more energy feel happier because they are able to apply more energy towards meeting their goals.


Ninety percent of happiness is attitude.  We have all seen physically healthy people with wonderful families and beautiful homes — people who want for nothing — kill themselves quickly or slowly due to unhappiness.  We have also seen people who remain happy while they struggle to survive every day.

Attitude isn’t a magical abstraction, it is merely a series of choices.  You decide to take control and responsibility for your actions and your life — and you do that every moment of every day.  This is positive mental attitude and it is the #1 factor for improving your quality of life and your happiness.  Happiness is a choice, a decision to lead your own life.  Make that choice.

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